To order the BOOK from outside the Netherlands

order the book from outside the netherlands
Cover of A Book of Paintings designed by Gert Jan Slagter with a detail of one of the paintings from the London Pond series. Copyright 2020 Gert Jan Slagter & Isabella Werkhoven

News article in English for non-Dutch visitors who want to order A Book of Paintings from outside the Netherlands

As long as the English version of this website is under construction, I will write important articles on this site in English as well. The form below enables inhabitants from countries outside the Netherlands to pre-order my new book (NL-ENG) too. After you’ve fully submitted the form you will be able to pay safely with PayPal.

Three different editions

The book is going to be a hardback of 160 pages, full colour. It provides an overview of 16 years of work, a fine selection of paintings. Once you pre-order it, you contribute to its production. It is due fall 2020. As you can see, there are three different editions, from which the two limited ones will only be available when ordered from this website. They won’t be in the shops, unlike the regular edition. If you want to have a closer look at the 5 different giclees (piezography prints) that go with the special limited edition of 50 in total, you can do it right here. You can also watch the video about the story on the book and the studio of Isabella (in Dutch but with subtitles) on YouTube.

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